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minisode 3: TOMORROW
minisode 3: TOMORROW

Released: April 1st 2024

6th Korean-language Extended Play (EP)

Produced By: Shift K3Y"Hitman" BangSlow RabbitDystinkt BeatsUv Killin EmEbbyKrupaSteve Manovski

Minisode 3: Tomorrow is the sixth Korean-language extended play (EP) by South Korean boy band Tomorrow X Together. It was released on April 1, 2024, through Big Hit Music and Republic Records. It consists of five tracks, including the lead single "Deja Vu", and marks the third installment of their Minisode EP series, following Minisode 2: Thursday's Child (2022).

1. I'll See You There Tomorrow

2. - --- -- --- .-. .-. --- .--

3. Deja Vu

4. Miracle

5. The Killa (I belong to you)

6. Quarter Life

7. Deja Vu (Anemoia Remix)

The Name Chapter: FREEFALL
The Name Chapter: FREEFALL

Released: October 13th 2023

3rd Studio Album

1. Growing Pain

2. Chasing That Feeling

3. Back for mor (TXT Ver.

4. Dreamer

5. Deep Down

6. Happily Ever After

7. Skipping Stones

8. Blue Spring

9. Do It Like That

10. Chasing That Feeling (English Ver. - Digital Only)

Back for More (with Anitta)
Back for More (with Anitta)

Released: September 15th 2023


Tomorrow X Together collaborated with Brazilian Singer Anitta on the song Back For More. The song was released on September 15th 2023 and reached #1 on iTunes in many countries

1. Back for More (with Anitta)

2. Back for More (with Anitta) (Performance Ver.)

Do It Like That
Do It Like That

Released: July 7th 2023

Digital Track

Tomorrow X Together collaborated with The Jonas Brothers to bring us the summer anthem, Do It Like That. The song reach #1 on iTunes in 57 countries

1. Do It Like That


Released: June 30th 2023

Japanese Album

1. Intro: FLOATING

2. 紫陽花のような恋 (Hydrangea Love)

3. Sugar Rush Ride Japanese Ver.

4. 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) - Japanese Ver.

5. Ito

6. 君じゃない誰かの愛し方 (Ring)

7. Magic

8. Good Boy Gone Bad - Japanese Ver.

9. ひとりの夜 (Hitori no Yoru)

10. MOA Diary (Dubaddu Wari Wari) - Japanese Ver.

11. 君じゃない誰かの愛し方 (Ring) - Unplugged Ver.

12. Outro : FALLING

Goodbye Now (Love Revolution X TOMORROW X TOGETHER) [Original Webtoon Soundtrack]
Goodbye Now (Love Revolution X TOMORROW X TOGETHER) [Original Webtoon Soundtrack]

Released: February 22 2023

Webtoon soundtrack

TXT remade the song for Love Revolution as a tie-in to the comic series’ impending finale this April, which will see its main characters graduate from high school. “Goodbye doesn’t mean that we’re parting forever / It’s a promise that we’ll meet again / The times that we spent together are all left as memories now / We have to leave to find the path that we’ll embark on,” the five-piece croon on the chorus.

1. Goodbye Now

2. Goodbye Now - Instrumental

The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION
The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION

Released: January 27 2023


Gen Z ‘it band’ TOMORROW X TOGETHER (SOOBIN, YEONJUN, BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN, and HUENINGKAI) return with their fifth EP, The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION. The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION depicts youth on the brink of adulthood. After experiencing conflict and chaos, the boys feel a desire to postpone their growth and linger in the freedom of Neverland. Their journey forward despite this desire is a representation of today’s generation as they continue to grow through the challenges of the world. The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION consists of five tracks total: lead single “Sugar Rush Ride,” “Devil by the Window,” “Happy Fools (feat. Coi Leray),” “Tinnitus (Wanna be a rock),” and “Farewell, Neverland.”

1. Devil By The Window

2. Sugar Rush Ride

3. Happy Fools Ft, Coi Leray

4. Tinnitus

5. Farewell, Neverland

Free Falling
Free Falling

Released: September 19 2022


TOMORROW x TOGETHER released their OST 'Free Falling' for webtoon series 'The Star Seekers'

1. Free Falling

Good Boy Gone Bad🇯🇵
Good Boy Gone Bad🇯🇵

Released: August 31 2022


TOMORROW x TOGETHER released their 3rd Japanese Single, 'Good Boy Gone Bad 🇯🇵'. The Single Album contains 3 tracks, including the Japanese version of "Good Boy Gone Bad", as well as 2 original Japanese tracks. The first Japanese original track was composed by the members of TOMORROW x TOGETHER and dedicated to their fans, MOA, while the second Japanese original track is a collaboration with singer/song-writer Takaya Kawasaki.

1. Good Boy Gone Bad[Japanese Ver.]

2. 君じゃない誰かの愛し方 (Ring)

3. ひとりの夜 (Hitori no Yoru)

Valley of Lies
Valley of Lies

Released: July 22 2022


"Valley of Lies" is the second English digital single by TXT. It was released on July 22, 2022 and features American singer-songwriter and rapper Iann Dior.

1. Valley of Lies


Released: May 9 2022


Gen Z’s ‘it’ boys TOMORROW X TOGETHER continue their journey through the newest EP, minisode 2: Thursday’s Child. In minisode 2: Thursday’s Child, the experience of a first breakup strikes as a powerful storm mixed with denial, dejection, anger, and loss. Our protagonist fully indulges in and expresses each of these emotions as they come, until he is finally able to accept that his once treasured relationship has come to an end. Moving from adolescence to adulthood, the boy comes to better understand both himself and the world around him. Then, a question arises: on what path of growth will his feet lead him next? minisode 2: Thursday’s Child is a post-farewell recollection with five tracks total: “Good Boy Gone Bad,” “Trust Fund Baby,” “Opening Sequence,” and TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s first two unit tracks, “Lonely Boy” and “Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go.” The members have made creative contributions to all tracks in the EP.

1. Opening Sequence 2’58”

2. Good Boy Gone Bad 3’12”

3. Trust Fund Baby 2’36”

4. Lonely Boy (The tattoo on my ring finger) 2’49”

5. Thursday's Child Has Far To Go 3’31”


Released: February 23, 2022

Digital Single

PS5 is a song by Salem Ilese featuring TXT members Yeonjun and Taehyun and Alan Walker It was released on February 23, 2022.

Chaotic Wonderland 🇯🇵
Chaotic Wonderland 🇯🇵

Released: November 10, 2021

Japanese EP

Chaotic Wonderland is the first Japanese-language extended play by South Korean boy band Tomorrow X Together. It was released by Big Hit Music and Universal Music Japan on November 10, 2021.[4] Thematically, it follows their previous album The Chaos Chapter: Freeze, released in May 2021.[5] The EP contains two Japanese versions of previous Korean releases, their first English single "Magic", and an original Japanese song "Ito".

1. 0X1=LOVESONG feat. 幾田りら[Japanese Ver.]

2. Ito

3. MOA Diary (Dubaddu Wari Wari)[Japanese Ver.]

4. Magic


Released: Aug 17th 2021


K-pop’s ‘It’ Band of 2021 TOMORROW X TOGETHER continue their reign with The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE, their repackaged second studio album. The ‘Chaos Chapter’ depicts a world in which dreams have been swept away to be replaced by the towering presence of reality. As the world he once knew crumbles away, the boy feels small, insignificant, empty, and frozen. But ‘you’ awaken the emotion of ‘love’ inside of him, and the boy now seeks to step out beyond the freeze. For ‘you,’ he wants to make a choice: to FIGHT against the world or to ESCAPE together with you. The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE consists of eleven tracks total, eight of which were previously released through The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE. The repackaged album debuts three new tracks: “ LO$ER=LO♡ER, ” “ MOA Diary ( Dubaddu Wari Wari ), ” and “ 0X1=LOVESONG ( I Know I Love You ) feat. Seori ( Emocore Mix ).

1. LO$ER=LO♡ER 3’18”

2. Anti-Romantic 3’35”

3. 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori 3’22”

4. Magic 2’40”

5. Ice Cream 3’23”

6. What if I had been that PUMA 3’33”

7. No Rules 3’06”

8. MOA Diary (Dubaddu Wari Wari) 3’08”

9. Dear Sputnik 3’15”

10. Frost 3’15”

11. 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori (Emocore Mix) 3’39”


Released: May 31st 2021


Following the gradual and progressive successes of their 'Dream Chapter' album series, TOMORROW X TOGETHER reached a new global high with their third EP, minisode1 : Blue Hour, which was released in October last year. Having further cemented their position as ‘Leaders of K-pop’s 4th Generation’ and voices of the global teen experience, TOMORROW X TOGETHER make their return with their second studio album The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE, armed with great charm, musicality, and color. The new ‘Chaos Chapter’ begins where dreams have been swept away by the towering presence of the real world. Worldly events like the COVID-19 pandemic are violent assailants that crash upon the boy’s once peaceful life. As his world crumbles away, the boy feels insignificant, empty, and frozen. It isn’t until ‘you’ appear before him that he begins to see more. With ‘you,’ he experiences love and believes, unequivocally, that ‘you’ are his real and only world.

1. Anti-Romantic 3’35”

2. 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori 3’22”

3. Magic 2’40”

4. Ice Cream 3’23”

5. What if I had been that PUMA 3’33”

6. No Rules 3’06”

7. Dear Sputnik 3’15”

8. Frost 3’15”


Released: January 20, 2021

Japanese-language studio album

Still Dreaming is the first Japanese-language studio album by South Korean boy band Tomorrow X Together. The album was released by Big Hit Entertainment, Universal Music Japan, and Republic Records on January 20, 2021, three months after their third extended play Minisode1: Blue Hour (2020).[7] The ten tracks are Japanese versions of six of the group's Korean hits, plus two new instrumental tracks, a brand new Japanese original song, “Force”, and the band's previous Japanese hit “Everlasting Shine”. Recorded in Japanese and English language, Still Dreaming is a J-pop album that borrows numerous musical elements including disco, pop rock, and synth-pop. The album became the group's third consecutive number one on the Oricon Albums Chart—after The Dream Chapter: Eternity and Minisode1: Blue Hour—with first week sales of over 87,000 copies. It was the group's first album to cross 100,000 copies in Japan and its third release to be certified by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ), achieving gold status that same month.

1. Intro: DREAMING

2. Force

3. 5時53分の空で見つけた君と僕[Japanese Ver.]

4. 9と4分の3番線で君を待つ(Run Away)[Japanese Ver.]

5. ある日、頭からツノが生えた(CROWN)[Japanese Ver.]

6. Angel Or Devil[Japanese Ver.]

7. Drama[Japanese Ver.]

8. 永遠に光れ

9. Can't You See Me?(世界が燃えてしまった夜、僕たちは...)[Japanese Ver.]

10. Outro: STILL

Your Light
Your Light

Released: November 24, 2020

1st OST

Your Light is the first OST by TXT and the main theme song of the JTBC teen-drama Live On. It was released on November 24, 2020. Apart from the original version, there is a Japanese version and an instrumental version.


Released: October 26, 2020


TOMORROW X TOGETHER (SOOBIN, YEONJUN, BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN, HUENINGKAI) are releasing their third mini-album, “minisode1 : Blue Hour” on October 26. TOMORROW X TOGETHER not only reaffirmed their skills and stunning visuals with their second mini album, “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY”, but also cemented themselves as the new icon of growth by continuously breaking their own records in both album and song sales. They brought themselves to prominence by reaching new heights: they topped “Top Album” charts in 50 countries and regions around the world; and their song was selected as “2020’s Song of the Summer” by Radio Disney, one of America’s most prominent broadcasters. Now the five members are back as “the kings of innocence.” For their second year of debut in 2020, the members are making their way back into the hearts of fans all around the world with their new album brimming with stories only they can tell, armed with “innocence uniquely TOMORROW X TOGETHER” as the world faces the unique and unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Ghosting 3’43”

2. Blue Hour 3’29”

3. We Lost The Summer 3’30”

4. Wishlist 3’11”

5. Way Home 3’02”


Released: August 19, 2020

2nd Japanese Single

Drama is the second Japanese single by TXT. It was released on August 19, 2020.

1. Drama [Japanese Ver.]

2. 永遠に光れ (Everlasting Shine)

3. Can't You See Me? (世界が燃えてしまった夜、僕たちは...) [Japanese Ver.]


Released: May 18, 2020


With ten “New Artist” awards already under its belt, TOMORROW X TOGETHER will release its second EP album on May 18. “Dream Chapter: ETERNITY”, following their debut album “Dream Chapter: STAR” and their first full-length album “Dream Chapter: MAGIC” tells the story of young boys’ experiences meeting friends who are different yet alike. While they struggle with reality and rifts sometimes appear among them, the narrative encapsulates their hope that their time together will last eternally. There are six tracks in the album including the opening track “Drama”; title track “Can’t You See Me?”; a remake of “Fairy of Shampoo”; first song written by the five members, “Maze in the Mirror”; “PUMA” with unique lyrics; and “Eternally” that exudes an experimental vibe. Highlighting each members’ stunning visuals that will capture the hearts of listeners in their teens along with their skills in writing music and lyrics, TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s new album is sure to further cement their status as one of today’s hottest group.

1. Drama 3’29”

2. Can’t You See Me? 3’21”

3. Fairy of Shampoo 4’27”

4. Maze in the Mirror 3’46”

5. PUMA 3’25”

6. Eternally 3’37”


Released: January 15, 2020

Debut Japanese Single

"Magic Hour" is the debut Japanese single by TXT. It was released on January 15, 2020 with the Japanese version of "9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)", "9 to 4 Bun no 3 Bansen de Kimi wo Matsu (Run Away)" as its lead track.

1. 9と4分の3番線で君を待つ (Run Away) [Japanese Ver.]

2. ある日、頭からツノが生えた (CROWN) [Japanese Ver.]

3. Angel Or Devil [Japanese Ver.]


Released: October 21, 2019


TOMORROW X TOGETHER unfolds their story of growth and encounters in this new journey through the album concept The Dream Chapter. While The Dream Chapter: STAR expressed the “happiness and excitement of meeting that special someone”, The Dream Chapter: MAGIC tells the story of “magical adventures” that boys encounter together with their friends who are different, yet alike. Through this adventure, the boys share their transformation, confusion and exploding emotions that arise during their transition to adolescence. The album includes 8 tracks: “New Rules” that talks about the desire of wanting to create their own rules of the world, the lead single “9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)”, “Roller Coaster” which depicts the fearful but also an exciting moment like a rollercoaster ride, and “Angel Or Devil” singing about the two inner voices fighting endlessly.

1. New Rules 2’55”

2. 9 and Three Quarters (Run Away) 3’32”

3. Roller Coaster 3’34”

4. Poppin’ Star 3’13”

5. Can’t We Just Leave The Monster Alive? 3’51”

6. Magic Island 3’13”

7. 20cm 3’37”

8. Angel Or Devil 3’52”


Released: March 4, 2019


TOMORROW X TOGETHER delivers their story through ‘The Dream Chapter’. As they transition from childhood to adolescence, the boys have gathered together under ONE DREAM. For TOMORROW X TOGETHER, star is another name for dream: the emotions swelling up inside as you look up at the starry night sky, the growing excitement about tomorrow – chasing the stars mean you are remembering your childhood dreams. ‘The Dream Chapter’ will unfold the stories of what they encountered as they grew. A compilation of 5 tracks in total, the album ‘The Dream Chapter: STAR’ sings out TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s “happiness and excitement of meeting that special someone.” The boys’ story opens with ‘Blue Orangeade’, and closes with ‘Nap of a star’, narrating how together they make things possible that was impossible alone.

1. Blue Orangeade 3’06”

2. CROWN 3’51”

3. Our Summer 3’30”

4. Cat & Dog 3’08”

5. Nap of a star 4’03”